Useful, legitimate software which could possibly be misused for malicious purposes.


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Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it may block the file from running, move it to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or ask you to select an action.

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Technical Details

This tool is meant for legitimate remote administration purposes by authorized users. Its original design allows it to read and write data across network systems. Unfortunately, this tool has been widely used by malware to perform malicious network routines.

This tool has the following capabilities:

  • Open a local port and listen for connections
  • Send data to a remote location
  • Act as a telnet client or server

It also provides the following options:

  • Allowing broadcasts
  • Hiding in the background
  • Specifying data routes
  • Delaying interval for lines sent
  • Continuing to listen on socket close
  • Using IP address only (not resolving DNS)
  • Dumping traffic to a specified file
  • Randomizing local remote ports
  • Answering to telnet negotiations
  • Operating in UDP mode

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