Riskware:W32/DellSystemDetect is an application pre-installed on many Dell computer systems. Versions older than 6.0.14 are vulnerable to web-based attacks that, if successful, can allow an attacker to silently execute commands on the affected system. This could allow an attacker to secretly install malware, steal data and perform other harmful actions.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically block the suspect program and notify the user.

Vulnerability Protection

The detection Riskware:W32/DellSystemDetect identifies older, still vulnerable version of the Dell System Detect utility program. Users are strongly urged to either uninstall the software or update it to the latest version immediately. Further information about the program, including update details, can be found at:


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Technical Details

The System Detect utility is found on many Dell computers and is designed to provide machine configuration details to the Dell website when searching for the most relevant drivers for the system. In November 2014, Dell was notified by a security researchver of a flaw in the program that allowed an attacker to perform remote code execution; the company subsequently released a new, updated version (6.0.14) of the utility removing the flaw.

Older versions of the System Detect program are still vulnerable to remote execution, and are not automatically updated to the new version. As Dell computer systems are very popular for both corporate and personal use, this utility is very prevalent, leaving many systems vulnerable to remote attack.

Exploitation of the vulnerable versions is quite simple. The program is designed to work once the user visits a website containing some variation of the word 'dell' in its domain, making it trivial for attackers to create a malicious site using a domain name that also contains 'dell' (for example, 'a.dell.fakesite.ownedbythebadguys.com'). The application also uses a registry run key to stay persistent, meaning that it is always running in the background.

To address these issues, the latest version of the utility now requires the visited domain to include the term 'dell.com', and no longer runs persistently.

Users who see the detection Riskware:W32/DellSystemDetect are strongly urged to either uninstall the Dell System Detect software entirely, or update the utility to the latest version immediately. Further details, including the update, can be found at: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN117738/EN

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