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Mobile Spy


BopSmiley is a spying application for mobile phones using Windows PocketPC or Windows Smartphone operating systems.

When the application is active on a phone, it records both voice call and SMS information and sends the details to a third party server.


Disinfecting using F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus

  • Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus from and activate the Anti-Virus.
  • Scan the phone and remove any components of the malware.
  • Reboot the phone to remove memory resident components.
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Technical Details


BopSmiley.A is installed in a standard CAB package. After installation, the application needs to be started with a File Manager in order to insert required credentials that access the third party server. When the credential information is in place, the application can be set to a hidden mode so that during normal phone use BopSmiley.A will not be visible to the user.

Whomever wishes to track the use of a phone with this application needs to have physical access to the phone. No phone is accidentally monitored by this spying application.

User Interface

The user interface of BopSmiley.A is only accessible during the initialization phase.

Recording the Victim's Communication

BopSmiley.A records both voice call and SMS information and sends the details to a third party server. From the third party site, the information can be accessed through a web browser.

Below is a list of the files contained in the installation package that are installed, some of which remain after disinfection:

  • Device\Program Files\Smartphone\hsmsutil.dll
  • Device\Program Files\Smartphone\OpenNETCF.dll
  • Device\Program Files\Smartphone\OpenNETCF.Net.dll
  • Device\Program Files\Smartphone\smarphone.log
  • Device\Program Files\Smartphone\Smartphone.exe

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