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DashBar is a search toolbar created by Claria. When using DashBar, search queries are sent to search partners along with the user's IP address and other obscure data. The functionality of DashBar is designed to simplify online searches. Without altering the default settings, unwanted searches may occur.


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Technical Details

Claria's DashBar is a browser plug-in for Internet Explorer that creates a toolbar in the browser window. DashBar provides functionality to search the web by using a search field inside the toolbar. By default, this search field is automatically updated on your browsing habits. It is also, by default, if you leave the mouse over the search field, it will automatically open a new window with search results, thus sending the query to Claria with ease.

By clicking a result on the search results page, the browser is passed through the third-party search provider's website and then to the destination website. Along with the destination page, a long obscure data string is included to the search provider. Previously, this was in plain text and included the search query, user language, time, date, affiliate ID and placement of the search result. By letting the client go through the search provider's homepage, the IP address can also be collected. DashBar hijacks failed DNS searches and regular address bar searches by default, but it is possible to disable this functionality. The free version of DashBar is bundled with Claria's GAIN ad-delivery software.

Date Created: 2006-01-01 13:51:05.0

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