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Category:  Spyware

Type:  Adware

Platform:  W32

Aliases:  -


This program delivers advertising content to the user. It is usually annoying but harmless, unless it is combined with spyware or trackware.


Automatic action

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Technical Details

This is the family description for the Adware:W32/WSearch adware family.

The WSearch adware family appears to be related to the Zhongsou Chinese Search Engine. While active and connected to the Internet, WSearch adware may display additional targeted pop-up advertisements and communicate with Zhongsou servers.


When a WSearch adware program's installer is executed, the program is silently installed. No end user license agreement (EULA) is displayed during the installation.&

The adware is installed to:

  • %programfiles%\DeskAdTop\
Network Connections

Attempts to connect with HTTP to:

  • https://download.zhongsou.com/

WSearch adware can be uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs menu. The uninstallation process requires the user to complete a CAPTCHA test (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart).

Once the program is uninstalled, its folder still needs to be manually deleted.

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