Yoontoo, Yoontoo.A, Yoontoo.B, Adware:OSX/Yoontoo.A, Adware:OSX/Yoontoo.B


Adware:OSX/Yontoo silently installs third-party browser extensions which will display unsolicited pop-up adverstiments.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete or quarantine the file, or ask you for a desired action.

Manual removal

Caution Manual disinfection is a risky process; it is recommended only for advanced users. Otherwise, please seek professional technical assistance. F-Secure customers may also contact our Support.

  • Run the following commands in Terminal to removed the programs installed from the Yoontoo.B archive:
    • - cd /private/var/tmp
    • - rm -f
    • - rm -f gophotoit.crx
    • - rm -f torrenthandler.crx
    • - rm -rf YontooMacSilentInstaller\ <day-month-year >/
    • - cd ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/External Extensions
    • - rm -f hphibigbodkkohoglgfkddblldpfohjl.json
    • - rm -f pfmopbbadnfoelckkcmjjeaaegjpjjbk.json
  • Then remove the "GoPhotoIt", "Torrent Handler" and "Yontoo" extensions from your browsers, as seen in the examples below.
    • Safari:
    • Firefox:
    • Chrome:
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Technical Details

Adware:OSX/Yontoo.A is known to be bundled and distributed with the following browser extensions:

  • Banner Gagets
  • FreeTwitTube
  • ezLooker
  • Buzzdock and Wajam
  • Pagerage
  • GoPhotoIt
  • TorrentHandler

On installation, Yontoo.A will download the Yontoo installer (detected as Adware:OSX/Yontoo.B) from a remote site. The installer's archive, which uses the file name, is then saved and its contents are extracted to the following location:

  • /private/var/tmp/YontooMacSilentInstaller <day-month-year>

The following browser extensions are installed together with the Yontoo adware:

  • GoPhotoIT
  • TorrentHandler

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