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South Lanarkshire College

Kunde: South Lanarkshire College

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite

Bransje: Education

F-Secure has completely changed the way we work as a business

"F-Secure reassures us that we have the best security combined with the latest software at all times." - Chris Sumner, IT Technical Support

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Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

Kunde: Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response Service

Bransje: Food

Quality. Chocolate. Secured.

"We are completely convinced that we have chosen the right solutions. What's more, we consider F-Secure's Rapid Detection & Response Center experts to be full-fledged members of our security team." - Michael Jany, System Administrator

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Salins Group

Kunde: Salins Group

Løsning: F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response Service F-Secure Radar

Bransje: Salt production

Salins thwarts two targeted attacks thanks to F-Secure’s service

"Recently, our Italian operation was the subject of a targeted attack. We were able to reinforce our devices and warn employees to be vigilant. " - Eugène Botella, Head of IT Security, Data Protection Office (DPO), and Head of Internal Control

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Hvide Sande

Kunde: Hvide Sande

Løsning: F-Secure Protection Service for Business F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

Bransje: Maritime

It’s better to be safe than sorry

“The advanced threat monitoring is super easy and worry-free for our team since it is almost invisible to us. Our team can sleep better at night knowing that the IT environment is being continuously monitored.” - Jeppe Hoff, IT Manager

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Fife College

Kunde: Fife College

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite

Bransje: Education

Fife College has full visibility of their network security in one place using F-Secure Business Suite

"Using F-Secure for our endpoint security has been a great experience for Fife College. I have a much better understanding of our environment and fantastic visibility of what's happening in our network in one place." - Tom MacMaster, Digital Governance Manager

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Kunde: Rector

Løsning: F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Bransje: Construction

Early 2015, Rector decided to change its network security vendor for F-Secure

"We are now engaged with F-Secure for years to come, and for all our subsidiaries worldwide! We have other projects going with F-Secure, but they remain confidential for now. We will talk about them once the entire deployment is completed!" - Florian Stillitano, Network and Security Administrator

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LH Evans

Kunde: LH Evans

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite

Bransje: Wholesale

LH Evans achieves no end point compromises in a year since using F-Secure Business Suite

"Cyber security is scary, even for a small business like LH Evans. Not all of our suppliers and customers are switched on and we do get malware sent to us with invoices via email for example. It's difficult to beat what F Secure does for us from a cost and a support perspective. They're a joy to work with." - Mansel Kersey, IT manager

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Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö Oy

Kunde: Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö Oy

Løsning: F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

Bransje: Energy

Stress-free breach detection and response

"It's amazing to see how well the technology and our managed service provider work together. The software and AI do most of the heavy lifting, but we have a keen pair of eyes looking over anything suspicious at all times, so nothing gets by us." - Jari Hakala, ICT Manager

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Myers Group

Kunde: Myers Group

Løsning: F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Bransje: Construction

F-Secure's Protection Service for Business answered all of Myers Groups' needs in one really smart package

"We chose F-Secure because they provided us with a complete solution for all our needs, which was also completely cloud-based, making installation and set-up very simple. We now have greater control of patches, software updates and malware management which are all done automatically." - Andrew Williams, Infrastructure Engineer

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Gopaljee Dairy Foods

Kunde: Gopaljee Dairy Foods

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Bransje: Food

F-Secure offers Gopaljee Dairy Foods comprehensive and cost-effective endpoint security

"With F-Secure, we've credibly fortified our cyber defense posture and prepared our company for modern threats." - Sumit Mahendru, Head of IT

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Manhattan S.A

Kunde: Manhattan S.A

Løsning: F-Secure Radar

Bransje: Cyber security consulting and services

F-Secure Radar helps Manhattan deliver high-quality Cyber Security Assessments

"With Radar, no complex options and settings are required to have it deployed, I can start my work right away. It's a two-minute job. Radar's customizable reports allow me to deliver useful and actionable information to our customers, which they can put to use immediately." - Boris Parat, IT Security Engineer

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Solita Oy

Kunde: Solita Oy

Løsning: F-Secure Radar

Bransje: Digital business consulting and services

Solita accelerates their business with the security provided by F-Secure Radar

"F-Secure Radar is deeply ingrained in the backbone of our service operation and security automation activities. It's a key surveillance component in a combination of commercial and proprietary solutions that we use to create value and maintain business continuity for our customers" - Jari Jolula, Team Manager, Project Management

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Howarth Litcheld Partnership

Kunde: Howarth Litcheld Partnership

Løsning: F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Bransje: Architecture

A peace of mind

"F-Secure seemed to be able to do everything we wanted in a security solution and most of all provide us with that peace of mind, as a business, that our data is secure." - Mark Short, Senior Technologist

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Serap Industries

Kunde: Serap Industries

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite

Bransje: Manufacturing

Serap Industries migrates its entire network security to F-Secure

"It was imperative to use a vendor more suited to our changing needs. The priority was to improve security on mobile workstations, including application control." - Arnaud Le Bihan, Networks and Systems Administrator

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Kunde: RWZ

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite

Bransje: Farming

RWZ Group opts for F-Secure Business Suite

"The solution not only offers a more attractive price/performance ratio, but also enables central management of anti-virus protection – which was our set objective" - Stefan Höller, IT specialist

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Kunde: Nanterre

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Bransje: Public sector

40 sites administered with F-Secure consoles

"What makes the difference for us is the human relationship we have established over many years with F-Secure. Our contact person doesn't hesitate to go beyond the deployment of F-Secure solutions and advises us on overall security. We are a small team, with a dozen members, and we do not have an ISSM. The advice provided by our contact person is, therefore, invaluable." - Frédéric Pralong, Manager of the Infrastructure Services Division

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Lindström Group

Kunde: Lindström Group

Løsning: F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Bransje: Textile

Lindström trusts F-Secure's easy-to-use online security solutions

"F-Secure's products work and partnering with them is a pleasure. This has freed us up to focus our energy on other things" - Jukka Suikkanen, IT Specialist

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Worldgate Express

Kunde: Worldgate Express

Løsning: F-Secure Business Suite

Bransje: Shipping and Logistics

Worldgate express lines chooses f-secure's business suite for improved performance

"We can finally work with total confidence knowing that our computers are protected, while experiencing no performance issues." - Mr. Sree Vasan, Head IT Officer

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