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Capital Markets Day

Capital Markets Day 2018

F-Secure Corporation hosts a Capital Markets Day in Helsinki on Wednesday, 28 November 2018.

During the day F-Secure's management will provide you with an update on the strategy, growth drivers and financial performance of F-Secure. We will also explain the significant opportunities presented by the acquisition of MWR InfoSecurity (announced in June 2018). At the event, you will have an opportunity to engage with the top management and familiarize yourself with F-Secure's products and services.



Capital Markets Day 2017

F-Secure Corporation hosted a Capital Markets Day for analysts and institutional investors in Helsinki on Wednesday, 22 November 2017.

The purpose of the day was to provide investors and analysts with an update on F-Secure's business, investments and strategy going forward. Presenters during the day included Leadership team members Samu Konttinen (CEO), Eriikka Söderström (CFO), Jyrki Rosenberg (EVP, Corporate Cyber Security), Jens Thonke (EVP, Cyber Security Services), and Kristian Järnefelt (EVP, Consumer Cyber Security). Other presenters included Chief Reseach Officer Mikko Hyppönen.


Threat landscape, Mikko Hyppönen (CRO)

F-Secure strategy, Samu Konttinen (CEO)

Corporate security, Jens Thonke (EVP) & Jyrki Rosenberg (EVP)

Consumer security, Kristian Järnefelt (EVP)

Financials, Eriikka Söderström (CFO)

12 Feb 2020 16:30