F-Secure Consulting is the amalgamation of four prestigious cyber security firms, combining decades of real-world expertise and countless specialisms into one global, research-led technical consultancy. We design solutions and provide tailored advice in all areas of cyber security: from architecting systems to be secure by design, through technical assurance, regulatory compliance, and incident response when the worst happens.

Our approach

Our non-prescriptive approach and client-valued team are the result of:

  • A hiring policy that gets top talent whilst celebrating diversity of background and skill-set
  • F-Secure Akademy: our in-house learning system, helping consultants develop a broad and modern set of capabilities
  • Partnering with clients to solve new and complex security challenges
  • Consultants dedicating time to research, driving service innovation that’s visible in the work we do
  • Providing evidence-based recommendations based on this technical investigation

Our service

Our service approach challenges traditional industry methods. We don’t come with a prescribed way of working. Service excellence is about working your way: as an extension of your team or a separate division, on-site or remotely, for extended periods or sprints. It’s the dedicated job of our Delivery team to curate ways of working that fit your organization, and ensure you get the right level of access to our consultants.

We strive to be the easiest cyber security company to work with, delivering exceptional results without disruption. We help keep our clients’ businesses and customers safe day to day, and work with them to mitigate damage should the worst happen.

Our experience

Consulting expertise across hardware and firmware, as well as software, is hard to find. And it's one of the things that makes us so special. It means we can analyze our clients’ entire ecosystems, uncovering pathways and revealing the consequences of an attack – from financial depletion to loss of life.

We serve enterprise clients in the UK, Nordics, US, Singapore, Japan, and South Africa, across countless verticals, including: aviation, maritime, and automotive transport, critical infrastructure, financial services, manufacturing, and telecoms.

Join the team

We don’t just support diversity, we rely on it. Our people are a mix of technical and creative builders and breakers, working on enviably sophisticated projects. They lead their own development, in and out of the office. They call the shots when it comes to building the next generation of security professionals within, and beyond, our organization.

Accreditations & Certificates

F-Secure Consulting (F-Secure Cyber Security (Pty) Ltd) is a level 4 contributor to B-BBEE with a procurement recognition level of 100%. Learn more and download our B-BBEE certificate. Click here to read the press release.

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