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F-Secure Playground is the global, on-demand SaaS platform for hands-on cyber security training and Capture the Flag exercises. Its versatile labs and curated courses are used to train both offensive and defensive teams, from developers, to pen-testers, to threat hunters.


Content created by industry experts who understand the architecture of modern attacks and effective defense.


Dedicated sandboxed training environments to improve cyber security skills, whatever the time, wherever your team is based.


Addresses the real technical challenges faced by web professionals across development, information security, and IT.


Holistic training including guided learning, CTFs, hackathons, bespoke consultancy, and content curation.

Self-directed learning from the experts

Grow and retain cyber security talent equipped to defend your systems and networks against attackers.

Playground enables hands-on problem-solving and experimentation. It augments other training by challenging users to apply their technical knowledge, practically. It was – and continues to be – developed by our own consultants: specialist researchers and responders on the frontline of cyber security.

Specialists in-the-making can experiment within realistic scenarios before going out into the real world. Pros can improve their understanding of offensive tactics using up-to-date environments and state-of-the-art tooling. And because Playground is accessible remotely by individual users, it works for global enterprises who need freedom of scale.

Join the pilot

Like the industry we work in, Playground keeps evolving. In the latest stage of its growth, we’re making it available as an on-demand SaaS platform for a number of selected partners. These partners not only get access for a special rate, we’ll work closely with them to curate and build bespoke training labs and learning Pathways, mapped to their needs.

  • Reduced long-term price plans and bespoke development opportunities
  • Access to detailed user activity reporting and progress
  • One single-tenant, dedicated instance of Playground
  • Leader board initiatives and gamified achievements
  • Access to a base catalogue of labs and up-to-date cyber security challenges

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Accreditations & Certificates

F-Secure Consulting (F-Secure Cyber Security (Pty) Ltd) is a level 4 contributor to B-BBEE with a procurement recognition level of 100%. Learn more and download our B-BBEE certificate. Click here to read the press release.

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