What is cyber defense?

Adam Bateman, Founder and Managing Director, F-Secure Countercept
March, 2014
2 mins read

Cyber defense protects your most important business assets against attack. By aligning the knowledge of the threats you face with an understanding of your environment, you’re able to maximize the effectiveness of your security spend and target your resources at the critical locations. All this is driven from your business strategy, by identifying where it may be at risk from a range of threats - from a malicious insider right through to Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

Cyber defense covers a wide range of activities that are essential in enabling your business to protect itself against attack and respond to a rapidly evolving threat landscape. This will include:

  • Cyber deterrents to reduce your appeal to the attackers
  • Preventative controls that require their attacks to be more costly
  • Attack detection capability to spot when they are targeting you
  • Reaction and response capabilities to repel them


Typically a cyber defense engagement will include a range of services aimed at long term assurance of your business - from the understanding of how security impacts your business strategy and priorities, through to training and guidance that helps your employees establish the right security culture.

At the same time, the engagement will include specialist technical analysis and investigation to make sure you can map out and protect the paths attackers will use to compromise your most sensitive assets. These activities also enable you to obtain evidence of any previous threats that have breached your defenses and providing the capability to manage or remove them as needed.

Using this blend of services, cyber defense provides the assurances you need to run your business without worrying about the threats it faces, and makes sure your security strategy utilizes your resources in the most effective manner.

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