What's the difference between a job and a career? Teams

May, 2020
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Teamwork makes the dream work! Teams at F-Secure Consulting are groups of like-minded people striving for excellence, who are given the freedom to achieve that by any route they wish.

The first article in this series gave an overview of why F-Secure Consulting is the kind of company where you can forge a career, as opposed to merely ‘doing a job’. In order for everyone to grow and get the most out of their time here, there’s a framework in place which provides the building blocks to successful career development, called the Progression Framework. This article will explore the first of its four pillars: Teams.


The management structure across the teams here at F-Secure Consulting is flat, as everyone is trusted to give their best of their own accord. Experience shows that small, autonomous groups of smart, like-minded people achieve great things when they work together. That’s why creating an environment that fosters this approach is paramount. 

Each team contains a couple of points of contacts for the wider business – a Team Lead and a Second in Command – but their job isn’t to manage the other team members or tell them what to do. People are free to join and leave teams which keeps them streamlined, so different points of view and opinions can be voiced and heard. 

The point of structuring teams in this way is to bring together a group of consultants so they can learn from each other, grow into their roles, deliver projects, and enhance existing services or create new ones. No one, however, is dissuaded from forming teams, and if consultants come up with brilliant ideas and reasons for forming new ones, they’ll be actively encouraged to do so. This is because the purpose of creating flexible teams is to nurture innovation and creativity within them. 

We have a large professional services division filled with consultants skilled in many different disciplines. There are options for consultants either to align with several of our existing service offerings, working with multiple teams allowing them to get involved with a variety of projects, or to specialize in a particular field. This allows them to focus their time and efforts on a single team, with the ambitions of being the Lead or Second for that team. Given F-Secure is a global company, teams are often multinational, and bring together expertise from across the world. It's not uncommon for the Lead and Second to work in different countries, which helps bring a range of experience to the table and avoids a monoculture. 

There are also a number of service areas some consultants aspire to specialize in, and they’ll be looking to join teams which will act as stepping stones to bring them closer to that goal. Really talented people exist here at F-Secure Consulting and if they want to forge new paths, shake up the industry and push things forward, they can also do that here by creating new teams and taking the company to uncharted and interesting places. 

Teams are in place to support everyone here in whatever they want to do – because given this freedom, we recognize whatever they do will be awesome. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next article in this series drilling down into the next pillar of the Progression Framework – Pathways. Visit 'Our People' for more information about forging a career with F-Secure Consulting. 

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