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People, Process, Technology

October 2020

Detecting sophisticated cyber attacks relies equally on the skills of SOC analysts, the processes at work in their team, and the technology they use.

Meet security consultant and purple teamer, Derek Stoeckenius. In this video, Derek uses his experience of working with SOCs to explain why the three interdependent elements of people, processes, and technology are equally important when building a resilient detection capability.

In this video:

  • How SOC analysts can find the most critical assets on their estate
  • How SOC analysts can develop their own skills
  • Continual development: how analysts can keep up with the latest attacker TTPs
  • The essential interplay between people, processes and technology in attack detection

A strong SOC is key to a strong detection capability. To get you thinking about the training, processes, and resources they need to detect and respond to complex modern attacks, we’ve consolidated expert research and guidance in one place.

For more on cyber attack detection, visit our new hub.

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