Preventing Supply Chain Exploitation: Codecov attacks

Recorded May 19, 2021

As software development cycles become more complex and more developers use third-party tools, potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain increase. When attackers target software providers and code repositories, the compromise can go unnoticed for months, opening opportunities for lateral movement and privilege escalation. Security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain—due diligence and securing development pipelines are needed to manage this growing risk.

Jordan LaRose (Lead Incident Responder at F-Secure) and Jon Boyens (Deputy Chief Computer Security Division at NIST) discuss how to prevent and mitigate against supply chain attacks, in this podcast hosted by Global Resilience Federation (GRF).

Listen to the podcast and gain insight into

  • The knock-on effects of supply chain exploitation
  • How to secure development pipelines
  • The Codecov attacks
  • How to prevent, detect and mitigate supply chain incidents

Click to listen to the podcast

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