Combating phishing: building the path of most resistance

Riaan Naudé, Director of Consulting, UK
February 2021

Phishing remains the number one breach vector, providing adversaries with a reliable and efficient way to launch cyber attacks. While organizations cannot stop motivated attackers from phishing their employees, they can gain an advantage by making it more demanding for those who try. This means turning phishing into the path of most resistance for any attacker attempting to gain a foothold on their network.

Looking at phishing through the eyes of an attacker reveals opportunities for organizations to mount a robust and effective defense. This short eBook demonstrates how to do so across the early stages of the cyber kill chain by layering a range of controls and countermeasures. The recommended steps are not infallible when used in isolation, but their cumulative effect will slow attackers, make them more vulnerable to detection, or even deter them entirely.

This eBook is designed to help organizations reduce their susceptibility to phishing by:

  • Evaluating the tactic of phishing within the context of a cyber attack
  • Outlining technical and non-technical countermeasures to be taken at each of these attack stages to form a layered defense
  • Recommending how to validate the effectiveness of both existing and newly implemented controls
  • Providing steps for practical implementation, from the setup of a cross-departmental task force, through to getting the most out of your existing employee security awareness programs


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