External attack surface management

Reduce risk with continuous visibility over your external attack surface and empower your team—with insights rather than lists. Augment your capacity to respond to emerging threats by leveraging the capability of our technology and the knowledge of our hunters.

Our human-led service does what no automated SaaS product can. It gives you peace of mind that your attack surface is accounted for. It also provides the insights needed to fix your most crucial vulnerabilities before they become breaches. Say goodby to endless lists of meaningless data. Say hello to the curated information you need to do your job better.

  • Map your attack surface Know what assets you own, understand the continuing risk they pose, and reduce shadow IT.
  • Respond to emerging threats Inform stakeholders and patch immediately when high-priority risks are identified.
  • Reduce risk over time Develop a pragmatic and continuous system of vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation.
  • Augment in-house knowledge Get guidance direct from our hunters, whilst working collaboratively to reduce your overall risk exposure.

Our approach


To protect your organization against emerging threats, you need to know what assets you’ve got, how they are connected, and which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your ecosystem. In short, you need to know what your perimeter looks like to an attacker. When you don’t, too much time and resource are given to fixing long lists of vulnerabilities without ever tangibly reducing your susceptibility to compromise.

Our solution to this problem makes the best of both people and technology. Our hunters are experienced penetration testers and red teamers. They excel in helping you see your environment through the eyes of an attacker. They are enabled by our proprietary technology, which achieves the speed and scale necessary to assess complex modern attack surfaces. No other solution can prioritize insight over information in the same way as F-Secure's External Attack Surface Management.

Because attackers don’t stay still, neither do we. Our hunters work continuously to update your understanding of your external footprint. When major new vulnerabilities emerge, they launch targeted investigations that allow you to quickly answer the question: are we exposed? 

We ingest data from across our client base and use those discoveries to map emerging threats on a global scale. 100% of our External Asset Mapping engagements in 2020 identified assets that our clients didn’t know existed.

Services & solutions

Our external attack surface management is suitable for any organization wanting greater visibility of its perimeter. This could be for any number of reasons, including:

  • When complex organizations need clear visibility of their assets
  • Following the acquisition of a new business
  • When a new CISO has been appointed
  • In the aftermath of a serious breach or high-profile security incident

Depending on the outcome you need, we can provide a single snapshot or a dynamic map that evolves as your environment changes.

External asset mapping (EAM)
Discover, enumerate, and analyze the external-facing assets on your estate so you can verify the integrity of your security perimeter. By building a point-in-time picture of what you look like to an attacker externally, EAM identifies the attack paths an attacker could use to reach a specific objective and provides recommendations on how these can be closed. 

External attack surface management (EASM)

EASM provides continuously updated and actionable insight into your organizations’ external footprint. Our reporting dives into the context of the dynamic datasets produced during hunts. For each dataset showing the "live" state of your external attack surface, you'll receive an in-depth report, written by our threat hunters to help you interpret the data and use it both tactically and strategically.

EASM is a partnership. Threat hunters will respond to requests to perform investigations, provide recommendations, and answer questions. When major new threats emerge, we proactively begin investigations into your exposure, often before the story has even gathered mainstream attention You will also receive quarterly intelligence reports, in which we summarize your state of play and draw upon our firsthand experience as offensive security testers to recommend how to most effectively improve your perimeter defense. 

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Do you want to significantly reduce the risk posed by your external perimeter? We can help.

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How we can help

The maxim "attackers think in graphs, not lists” is so frequently coined without any solution offered, it has almost lost its meaning. You and your team understand the mindset, now you need the means to visualize your attack surface like attackers do and the strategic approach to act. Our attack surface management capability was designed, and continues to develop, with this requirement at its core.

  • Proactive threat hunting Our hunters are always proactively looking for attack pathways and exploring ways to compromise your perimeter (just like attackers are). This helps you understand your exposure as soon as new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered and then respond fast.
  • Close partnership and support We respond fast to investigation requests, provide relevant recommendations, and deliver regular threat intelligence reports.
  • Continuously updated external asset datasets Continuous telemetry provides complete visibility of your externally facing attack surface as it changes over time.

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