Incident readiness                  and response

Prepare, investigate, respond, recover, then improve. Move from reactive to proactive incident response (IR) and reduce the cost and impact of compromises by rapidly containing and eradicating your adversaries.

Incident response can be broken down into the activities that pre-empt and prepare for an incident (readiness) and those that counteract and remediate (response). Your organization needs both to circumvent intrusion from modern adversaries.

  • Prepare your team Build a confident CSIRT, trained and equipped to respond under pressure in different conditions.
  • Respond fast Get guaranteed support in less than 3 hours from engaging our services*.
  • Reduce downtime Investigate and prevent attacker re-entry, so you can quickly return to business as usual.
  • Optimize and improve Develop your operational resilience by keeping your IR policies, procedures, roles, and technology ready for attack.

Our approach


There’s no substitute for experience during an incident. Many security leaders will battle a handful of live attacks across their career, providing valuable knowledge and wisdom. Yet, amid the other demands of a busy security function, it's unrealistic to develop and maintain an in-house IR capability with the self-sufficiency to consistently counter the tactics, techniques, and procedures of any number of evolving adversaries. Partnership and collaboration are what’s needed, whether to lead engagements or supplement your teams during busy periods and long incidents.

We leverage our experience of combating advanced persistent threats (APTs) to:

  • Provide immediate support when the worst happens
  • Establish robust incident response strategies to reduce the impact and duration of incidents

We serve Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and FTSE 100 constituents, and government agencies and departments, worldwide. Handling APTs and crimeware threat actors is our “business as usual”. Through thousands of incidents, we’re continuously developing first-hand knowledge, threat intelligence, and tooling to make sure our approach delivers the outcomes needed: the least possible cost and impact to your business, plus the greatest learnings to take forward.

Services & solutions

Emergency incident response
Accredited for Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) by CREST, and holding a track record of responding to incidents of “national significance” under the NCSC’s CIR scheme, we deliver response activities against attacks on complex enterprise networks. Our 24/7/365 IR hotline and immediate remote deployment capability help us provide a rapid live response, mitigating damage to your business.

Incident readiness
Organizations with a strong readiness baseline can avoid reactive incident response, streamline costs, quantify spend, and improve cross-departmental collaboration. Our readiness activities are used to establish your baseline response capability before building on this foundation by improving the quality and performance of playbooks, practicing the response to a live incident through simulation exercises, and training security teams to configure tooling correctly.

*Incident response retainer
Our retainer model is governed by SLAs that commit our team to provide rapid remote and on-site support through all stages of an incident, with post-incident support as needed. Under the model, initial triage comes no more than 3 hours from service engagement via a hotline staffed by experienced First Responders. This is followed by remote investigator support within 3 hours, then on-site support within 12 hours in the UK and 24 hours internationally.

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How we can help

A successful response is the result of strategic preparation. From the collaborative development of playbooks and roles, to the management of a full domain compromise, we have the capability to both improve your self-sufficiency and support you to safety.

  • Research Proprietary threat intelligence and offensive research inform our response strategy and help us pre-empt live attackers’ movements.
  • Assurance Our retainer pricing model rewards organizations who invest in security and comes with a guaranteed ≤3-hour response window.
  • Customer care Access to a dedicated and experienced account support team, thorough onboarding, and governance throughout* ensure your non-technical needs are met.
  • Resilience uplift Whatever your security posture, our IR retainer provides an immediate uplift in your capability followed by constant incremental, measurable improvement.

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