Webinar Series

Cyber security for cloud adopters

A three-part series to help you achieve lasting security in the cloud


Following from our cloud presentation at CISO Africa Live 2020, we invite you to watch and share our on-demand cloud webinar series, at your convenience.

The transition from on-premise to cloud is an opportunity for security leaders like yourself to put cyber resilience back in focus in your organization. Join us for a series of seminars on cloud security. Our consultants will call on their research and frontline experience to provide you with actionable guidelines for a robust cloud security posture.

By watching these sessions you will learn:

  • How effective Cloud Service Providers are in protecting their platforms
  • The cloud attack paths and attack methodologies seen in our recent engagements
  • An explanation of incident readiness and the fundamentals of a cloud-based Incident Response (IR) plan
  • How to adapt devsecops processes for a cloud environment

Session 1

23 Jul 2020

15:00 - 16:00 SAST

wIth Masande Mtintsilana

How cloud providers are fixing the problems you don’t see

As cloud adoption grows, cloud providers are increasingly becoming an important part of an organization's security posture. To better manage security risks, it's necessary to understand in what ways cloud providers secure your data and applications. To this point, Masande will discuss:

  • The types of threats that cloud providers face
  • How cloud providers secure their platforms
  • Ways to understand how effective cloud providers are in protecting their platforms

Session 2

30 Jul 2020

with Joani Green

Cyber readiness: adapting incident response for cloud operations

The threats facing organizations operating in the cloud are best understood in the context of response as well as defense. In this seminar, Joani will look at the latest of these, in addition to:

  • The opportunities for Incident Response (IR) in the cloud
  • The fundamentals of a cloud-based incident response plan 
  • The importance of incident readiness in cloud environments 
  • How to attain readiness when dealing with AWS, Azure, and GCP systems and environments
  • The importance of customizing incident preparation for your environment

Session 3

06 Aug 2020

with Neil Röebert

Securing DevOps: moving development to the cloud

DevOps is an important solution for software organizations facing the “speed to market” conundrum. Following on from his recent related article, Neil will explain how to secure your development infrastructure in the cloud. Starting with the tangible benefits of using DevSecOps as a practice over DevOps, he will cover:

  • How current and future cloud trends are likely to affect security
  • The fundamentals of DevSecOps, as understood through the integrations between systems, as well as the systems themselves
  • What effective testing looks like in a cloud-based DevSecOps environment


Masande Mtintsilana
Senior Information Security Consultant

Masande is the cloud service lead at F-Secure Consulting, South Africa. His work in cyber security began with web and mobile assessments, including research into the identification of vulnerabilities in flagship mobile devices. Over the past two years, Masande has shifted his focus to Azure security. This includes engagements in multiple sectors to help clients improve their cloud security posture. His current research explores the attack techniques that target cloud environments.

Joani Green
UK Incident Response Team Lead

Originally from the consulting team in South Africa, Joani is now the IR team lead for F-Secure Consulting UK. Joani is known for her skills in Incident Response and Digital Forensics, with demonstrable experience on large-scale incidents. Her current research focus is cloud technologies, Linux forensics, and data visualization in Python.

Neil Röebert
Senior Information Security Consultant

Neil began his career as a mobile consultant, working on various projects including mobile application pen-testing, breaking IoT devices, and rooting POS devices. During this time, he also achieved certification as an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), developing a more holistic view of cyber security. This eventually led him to focus more specifically on DevOps, looking at the security of the practice in terms of the people, processes, and technology (PPT) involved. 

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