FSC-2020-2: Local Non-Root User Can Rename or Delete System Files in Linux Security


A local user can rename or delete arbitrary files owned by root in Linux Security.



FIX: Hotfix 9 was published to fix this vulnerability. Download and instructions on: https://www.f-secure.com/en/business/downloads/linux-security

Affected Products

Corporate Products:

  • F-Secure Linux Security Version 11.00
  • F-Secure Linux Security Version 11.10
  • F-Secure Linux Security 64


  • All supported platforms of the affected products

More Information

It is possible for a local non-root user to cause arbitrary system files to be renamed or deleted, leading to a permanent corruption (DoS) of the operating system or to disabled antivirus software. This requires that an attacker has gained prior access to a non-privileged user account on the machine. This vulnerability affects F-Secure Linux Security 11-series and F-Secure Linux Security 64.

Technical details are available from the researcher's website:

Note: No known attacks have been reported or observed in the wild.

Mitigating Factors

For F-Secure Linux Security 64, the fix 12.0.146 was released to production via automatic update channel on 2020-04-29.

Fix Available

Product Versions Fix
F-Secure Linux Security 11.00

Hotfix 9 was published to fix this vulnerability. Download and instructions on:

Date Issued: 2020-05-19