F-Secure Phishd

Managed service to improve your security culture

Measurable improvement in employee security behavior

Scientific approach and insights leading to genuine behavior change

Tailored, customized and targeted service relevant to your organization

Mitigates risks to your business and brand reputation from phishing attacks

Human error is a common contributor to cyber security incidents

Even if your organization has invested significantly in security controls, those controls are irrelevant if adversaries exploit the vulnerabilities of your workforce.

F-Secure Phishd is a managed service designed to reduce risk by measurably improving security culture and employee behavior by educating and empowering your employees. The stronger your organization’s security culture, the more resilient your employees will be to social engineering attempts against them.

Service offering includes Security Culture Program tailored to achieve the greatest possible improvement in security culture and reduction in risk from employee behavior. Microsoft Outlook Reporting plugin enables employees to report suspicious emails and receive feedback. Suspicious emails are automatically assessed, given a risk rating and delivered to SOC.

Creating and fostering a security culture that works with your organization

  • Security culture program Tailored program to achieve the greatest possible improvement in security culture and reduction in risk from employee behavior.
  • Performance assessment Simulated attacks provide a practical demonstration of a cyber attack and are used across all steps to provide insights and measure the impact of the security culture program.
  • Improving behavior Continuous assessments not only keep awareness high, but also allow you to measure the improvement in employee behavior over time. This enhances employees’ attitude, behavior and knowledge, and can identify future assessment or training needs.
  • Microsoft Outlook reporting plugin Deployment of tools, technology and processes that empower employees to develop positive security behaviors. With our Microsoft Outlook reporting plugin employees can report suspicious emails at the click of a button and have them automatically assessed.
  • Impactful training Our training is designed using behavioral science principles in order to effect three core drivers of behavior: knowledge, attitude and process. Training is targeted at groups known to have specific issues and characteristics, making it truly relevant and impactful to your organization.
  • Reporting Reporting is provided on the outcome of campaigns and training. Our reports are suitable for executive, HR and technical audiences and contain an executive overview, executive summary, detailed findings and recommendations.

Our SCORM and Learning Management Solutions

As well as point in time phishing awareness training, Phishd users can now improve company-wide education through a scalable Learning Management System (LMS). This covers cyber security best practice fundamentals, with a focus on phishing threats. All training can be customized.

It also adheres to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard*, making it quick and easy to integrate training content with your organization’s existing LMS system.


The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a powerful tool for organizations providing computer-based training to their users. SCORM content can be exported to, and used within, a wide range of systems to give training maximum reach.

F-Secure Phishd can provide SCORM training content either to be hosted on the Phishd provisioned LMS, or for incorporation with a business’ existing LMS.


Learning management systems (LMS) are used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of training, courses, or learning and development programs. They help identify training and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting. An LMS might focus on learning delivery whilst supporting other uses, such as being a platform for online content, including both asynchronous and synchronous courses. LMS can offer classroom management for instructor-led training or a flipped classroom, where the class leads more actively.

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