What is Cloud Security?

Many organisations are still under the impression that the cloud service provider they use is fully responsible for the cloud security in all its aspect. However this is not the case, with most cloud security providers operating under a security paradigm known as “Shared Responsibility”.

What is “Shared Responsibility”?

Shared responsibility means that the provider is responsible for the security of the platform only. The security coverage does not include the content that is uploaded to the cloud. In other words, organisations are responsible for the security of the content that is uploaded to the cloud.

Understanding the threats you are up against

The first step to keeping your organisation safe is to understand the threat landscape, and then apply good cloud security policies to counter it. Typical threats to cloud services include:

  • Malware from a malicious website
  • Ransomware used to extort ransoms to recover data
  • Insider threats by a disgruntled employee
  • User errors leading to a breach

These are amongst the typical threats that can affect the security of your organisation. Here's the good news: You can still protect your cloud environment in four basic, but crucial, steps despite the range of threats and their increasing scale nowadays. 

Download our whitepaper What is Cloud Security: A Cloud Security tutorial to find out more about the threat landscape, how to protect your cloud applications, and how F-Secure's products and services can help you do so.

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