With greater risks and tighter budgets, prioritising security efforts has become more important than ever. A clear understanding of your security status is possible with an IT security gap analysis.

IT estates present endless opportunities for threat actors to find and exploit vulnerabilities that will enable them to compromise networks. It is therefore essential for organisations to have a detailed understanding of their IT infrastructure and exposure to risk in order to better prioritise their remediation efforts and mitigation strategies.

Our latest e-book considers the benefits of conducting an IT security gap analysis for your organisation. In addition, our 5 step guide will help you better prepare for such an assessment.   

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  • The process underlying an IT security gap analysis
  • The benefits of an IT security gap analysis
  • How to prepare for an IT security gap analysis
E-book Conducting an IT Security Gap analysis

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An IT security gap analysis provides a clear assessment of your security status, including the biggest risks and vulnerabilities. Here are five steps you need to take in preparation for a gap analysis.

Infographic gap analysis

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IT infrastructures have grown evermore complex in recent years, amplified by the COVID pandemic as enterprises rapidly deployed remote workforces and accelerated their cloud migration strategies. With sprawling IT estates to account for, getting to grips with everything can be a major challenge. The solution is to conduct a comprehensive IT security gap analysis.