Protecting Local Government from Cyber Attacks

On a daily basis, thousands of local councils are targets for cyber attack. Such attacks disrupt services for citizens while costing millions of pounds to resolve.

Whilst the pandemic placed additional pressures on already stretched resources, there's yet to be a greater need for this sector to protect itself against higher volumes of attacks. From new ransomware to advanced password spraying, the techniques and tactics used by cyber criminals continually evolve. Building cyber resilience while making the best use of resources to keep pace with threats needs to be high on the agenda for every local authority. But considering budget and resource constraints, to mention just two of the challenges facing all local councils, what can be done to ensure appropriate security?  

Our new e-book will cover:

  • Why local councils are a target for cyber attacks
  • The likely cost of a data breach to this sector
  • The common types of attacks
  • What local councils can do to better protect themselves

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