F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

Intrusion detection systems

Isolate and prioritise hostile behaviour reliably through AI-driven lightweight and easily deployed technology.

Illustration intrusion detection systems

What is an intrusion detection system?

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a type of security technology that protects organisations against cybersecurity attacks by monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity and sending alerts when security breaches are identified. The most advanced IDS and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technologies leverage real-time behavioural analysis and machine learning for intrusion detection.

Types of intrusion detection

  • Host-based: detection of malicious activity occurring in endpoints
  • Network-based: monitors the entire network for suspicious activity
  • Signature-based: detection of attacks based on known attack behaviour
  • Anomaly-based: detection of attacks based on their deviation from expected pattern or behaviour

Common suspicious actions within intrusion detection are

  • Abnormal activity of standard programs

  • Calls to running processes from non-standard executables

  • Running of unexpected scripts

  • Unexpected running of system tools from standard processes

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response is an intrusion detection and response solution built for performance and designed for your IT resources

1. Leverage AI-driven intrusion detection with F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

The use of machine learning and AI that’s constantly tuned by human experts means that our systems keep getting smarter over time and adapt to a wide array of possibly malicious behaviour. 

2. Isolate and prioritise hostile behaviour reliably

Narrow down the number of detections to a small number of meaningful incidents and provide your IT with a relatively short list of confirmed detections, each flagged with distinct priority levels and recommended response actions.

3. Easy-to-deploy management console built natively on cloud

Cloud-based service managed by F-Secure means that there is no server hardware or software to install or maintain – all you need is a browser and an internet connection. It gives you immediate contextual visibility into the IT environment and security status across your network.

Why F-Secure Elements EDR?

  • Built for speed: lightweight clients monitor different endpoint activities and ensure maximum efficiency through a cloud-native solution

  • Powered by artificial intelligence that self-learns and continuously improves your intrusion detection capabilities. 

  • Built-in incident management system designed for rapid response and remediation

  • Escalate toughest cases and receive expert advice for confirmed detections from F-Secure’s cybersecurity experts

  • Single-client and management infrastructure that enables you to manage all security applications in one place

  • Windows and macOS deployment on all computers within the organisation.