Improve your security posture with effective Vulnerability management

Get the Gartner Report: The Essential Elements of Effective Vulnerability Management*

Are you responsible for finding vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them? And are you wondering what type of vulnerability management is most effective?

Gartner’s Essential Elements of Effective Vulnerability Management offers five top recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness and impact of your vulnerability management. It’s a valuable guide for security and risk management leaders looking to optimize their vulnerability management programs.

“An effective vulnerability management program requires consistent processes, business context, risk prioritization, timely remediation, mitigation, actionable metrics, and all of this without business disruption and zero forbearance for business consequences”, the 2020 Gartner Essential Elements of Effective Vulnerability Management states.

Read this report and learn how to:

  • "Scan for vulnerabilities at the optimal frequency."
  • “Implement a risk-based vulnerability approach that strategizes your teams’ effort and enables them to treat vulnerabilities that are relevant, exploitable and possess significant business risk.”
  • "Prepare and present operational and executive metrics that measure performance, prompt actions and convey the value of vulnerability management."

*Gartner, The Essential Elements of Vulnerability Management, Shilpi Handa, 5 October 2020. 

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