E-book: Protecting Higher Education from Cyber Attacks in 2021 and Beyond

According to the UK government's 2020 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 80% of higher education facilities have identified breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. It is predicted that, in the longer term, a more digitally-driven model of learning will continue after the pandemic, with Universities offering students more options and greater flexibility than traditional classroombased teaching and tuition, alone.

Higher Education (HE) providers continue to be an attractive target for sophisticated threat actors. Their IT networks hold personal information about thousands of students, staff and donors as well as a significant library of intellectual property. This data makes rich pickings for cyber criminals wanting to make money or steal proprietary information on behalf of rival organisations or foreign powers.

This e-book on cyber security in the education sector will cover the following:

  • Why Higher Education is at risk
  • The cost of a data breach
  • Common types of attacks
  • How Higher Education providers can protect themselves

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