The CISOs' new dawn



Chapter 1: An effective security leader

We set out to document the collective experiences of CISOs across the US and Europe as they rose to the challenges of 2020. This chapter uncovers how their roles have changed over the last 12-18 months.

An independent research study by Omnisperience on behalf of F‑Secure Countercept.

Recent events have thrust information security - along with the CISO, their teams and suppliers - into the spotlight, and suddenly the CISO has started getting invites to all the right parties.  

But this ascent to mainstream business relevance, trust and recognition comes with several burdens - not least changing priorities, a need to develop or refine soft skills and a host of fresh responsibilities and accountabilities. 

To maintain effectiveness as an operational CISO is, under current circumstances, one of the most challenging responsibilities they face. Recent events, it seems, have added further challenges: embracing and adapting to new pressures, requirements and requests that stretch the CISO's traditional roles in several directions at once. This brave new world is most definitely one littered with personal, political and human challenges, as well as the technical ones. 

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Chapter #2

A reality check

With great power comes great responsibility - and a to-do list

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Chapter #3

The cyber threat surface

What adversaries are up to – and what keeps CISOs awake at night

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Chapter #4

Cyber triggers influence change

Evolving threats force change on companies and CISOs

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