Cyber security partnership

Protecting from cyber threats is never purely about technology, it also takes human expertise to predict, prevent, detect and respond to breaches. Our relationship with our partners is built on the same idea – providing not just the latest technology, but a framework for co-operation, with our expertise supporting you in growing your business. You’ll protect your customers, with F-Secure alongside you all the way.


Why F-Secure?

Endpoint Security


  • provides fully integrated patch management capability, vulnerability analysis based on missing patches and a patching priority list. No additional servers or clients needed. A solution for all Microsoft, Adobe and third party applications
  • has a dedicated security component against ransomware. It increases protection against ransomware and prevents encryption of data in the event of a breach
  • has the best endpoint security for  Windows and Mac computers, proven year after year by independent security experts, such as AV-Test
Vulnerability management


  • agentless vulnerability management that doesn’t need installation of multiple sensors and can scan assets where sensor installation is not available
  • unlimited scans inside and outside your network
  • deep web crawler included to show what your internet facing network looks like to the outside world
  • has a simple licence-based pricing model
  • customers report that we provide a lower number of false positives than competitor solutions
  • gives a pricing advantage over competitor vendors
Breach detection & response


  • customer or partner managed tools to identify anomalous activity in real-time that endpoint security solutions won’t
  • uses F-Secure endpoint security sensor for RDR with seamless integration into one console. Or can run alongside another existing endpoint security to enable EDR functionality
  • delivers remote and automated breach detection and response with visualised broad context and descriptive attack information making it easy to confirm a detection
  • has the only EDR and MDR solutions to offer world-class threat hunters 24/7 to investigate detections and provide guidance on and actual response actions so your existing resources will be enough to respond to advanced threats swiftly and effectively. An F-Secure managed solution gives you a 30 minute notification SLA in the case of a breach
Cloud security


  • suppressing the risk posed by files and URLs uploaded by users to the most challenging Salesforce environments such as Community Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
  • real-time threat intelligence providing more than a simple anti-virus solution ever will
  • rich reporting, advanced security analytics, and full audit trails ensure an efficient response to threats
  • created and designed together with Salesforce to ensure seamless integration and user experience
  • thanks to cloud-to-cloud integration, no middleware is needed
  • free trial can be deployed in minutes via the Salesforce AppExchange, giving you a month of using the solution for all your Salesforce users.


The rewards for you and your business are as follows:

  • High retained margin off recommended retail price
  • Additional 10% margin off recommended retail price for all approved deal registrations
  • Fully partner managed options available to you for our solutions. UK partners have achieved revenue increases of up to 100% when including additional services such as incident response for their clients
  • Discounts of up to 50% off recommended retail price for government, education and charity sector organisations
  • 88% renewal rate for existing business in the UK in 2018, giving you high certainty of recurring revenue

Case Study

LH Evans achieves no end point compromises in a year since using F-Secure

“It's difficult to beat what F Secure does for us from a cost and a support perspective. They're a joy to work with.”

Mansel Kersey, IT manager

F-Secure Contacts

Matt Pearce
UK Channel Partner Manager

Dean Porter
UK Sales Manager

Heather Pearse
Marketing Manager | UK&IRE

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Talk to Matt Pearce or fill in the form to register a deal with us. We will give you:

  • An additional 10% margin off recommended retail price for all approved deal registrations
  • Incumbency by protecting all deal registrations on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


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Nobody has better visibility into real-life cyber-attacks than F-Secure. We’re closing the gap between detection and response, using the unmatched threat intelligence of hundreds of our industry’s best technical consultants and millions of devices running our award-winning software.

Small and medium organisations to top banks and airlines trust our 30 years’ experience of beating the world’s most potent threats. Together with our network of the top channel partners, we’re on a mission to make sure everyone has the enterprise-grade cyber security we all need.