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Lindström is one of Europe's leading textile service companies, with almost 170 years of experience in the industry. Lindström offers a wide range of textile solutions for the workplace, including interior design, personal hygiene, workwear and protective equipment. Lidström is a fast-growing international company with 80 offices in 24 countries, most of which are in Eastern Europe and Asia. As of 2016 the company had 3,500 employees and a turnover of 323 million euros.

Easiness is the key

In 2014 the Lindström Group was looking for a new online security solution. The solution the company had been using was out of date and no one in the company really knew how to use it.

Lindström has around 1,300 workstations and 50 servers that need protecting. About half of the workstations’ users are located in Finland and the rest are spread out across 24 countries in Europe and Asia. The most remote users are in China and South Korea.

”We were looking for a new solution that was as easy as possible to buy, install, implement, use and maintain,” Lindström’s IT specialist Jukka Suikkanen says.

”Our IT department is small and doesn’t have a lot of resources. So we were looking for a new system that would be easy to install and not require a lot of maintenance from our IT team. And of course we wanted the best possible level of protection and features,” Suikkanen says.

”We also liked that F-Secure’s salesperson was active and always kept us updated. We were also impressed with their tech specialist. We were having a lot of trouble removing the old application from our computers, but F-Secure’s tech specialist was there to help with that too.”

After a brief pilot project, Lindström quickly decided to start using F-Secure Protection Service for Business solution. Within a year it was already being used in Lindström’s locations in Finland. Implementing it into the company’s other locations took a little longer, but the transition was complete by last fall. ”We could have implemented it more quickly in the other locations, but we wanted to install it in conjunction with their installation of Office365. This helped us make sure that everyone’s online security was covered.”

”As soon as we started using F-Secure’s solution we found viruses on our computers that our old solution had missed. Now everything is running smoothly and the number of workstations that need cleaning up has dropped dramatically.”

Jukka Suikkanen, IT specialist, Lindström

Always up to date

F-Secure keeps Lindström’s online security up to date, which means they no longer have to worry about it.

"We used to constantly worry about updates and whether everything was working as it should. That’s why we wanted an online security provider that would take care of everything for us. F-Secure’s products work and partnering with them is a pleasure. This has freed us up to focus our energy on other things.”

In addition to using F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business to keep workstations and servers protected, Lindström also uses Freedome for Business on some of its smartphones and tablets.

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