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Gopaljee Dairy Foods is an Indian dairy manufacturer established in 1989. The company has emerged as one of the most popular dairy companies within their country, and produces a wide variety of different products ranging from pasteurized milk and cheese to ghee. Gopaljee Dairy Foods’ headquarters are located in Noida, with processing plants in many other locations. The company employs over 2,800 people, with an annual turnover of over INR 1100 Crores or 128 million euros.

Their need

Gopaljee Dairy Foods takes cyber security very seriously, and relies on dependable endpoint protection as one of the cornerstones of their IT strategy. Although the company had continued to improve the security of their devices since the adoption of their first antivirus product a few decades ago, they had recently come across several operational challenges with their endpoint protection solution.

These difficulties, along with the emergence of both new threat vectors and security technologies, caused Gopaljee Dairy Foods’ Head of IT Mr. Sumit Mahendru to start looking for a more drastic change: “Patch management has always been a big pain point for us. We use a variety of software products and applications, and it is absolutely essential that we have an automated, real-time patch management mechanism in place. Ideally, we wanted it to be a part of our endpoint protection solution’s overall components, integrated into the same package.”

The lack of an application control feature in their old security software was another concern. Gopaljee Dairy Foods operates hundreds of computers across their headquarters, processing plants and retail stores, and bandwith needs to be managed sensibly. At the same time, the company had been looking into improving their defenses against ransomware.

We live in a world where standard antivirus is just not enough. We wanted a broader security framework, where relevant business information and up-to-date threat intelligence can be leveraged for additional protection. We also needed to maintain reliable defenses against specific highlikelihood and high-impact threats, such as ransomware.” 

Mr. Sumit Mahendru, Head of IT, Gopaljee Dairy Foods

The solution

Things came to a head in 2017, and Gopaljee Dairy Foods decided to start looking for a new endpoint protection solution. Although Mahendru knew their demands were quite extensive, he hoped that there would be a vendor out there who would be capable of filling all their security needs – preferably with a single solution.

“I was looking all over for the replacement, and went through the most common vendors. Some of them were okay, but it just didn’t fully click – or they lacked certain key features”, Mahendru explains.”

Mahendru was starting to resign to the fact that they’d have to invest in multiple products and create a more complex IT security framework, but then he encountered something exciting:

“I came across F-Secure mostly by chance, to be honest, but I was immediately impressed. Their endpoint products seemed to have everything we needed: best- in-class threat prevention rates for all devices, fully integrated patch management, application control and dedicated ransomware protection. They also had many useful features that weren’t on our initial ‘musthave’ list, such as virtual desktop security.”

Gopaljee Dairy Foods was convinced, and decided to try out 500 licenses of F-Secure’s on-site hosted Business Suite Premium for their data center located in Noida. The company initially started by securing their computers and servers with Business Suite Premium’s anti-malware component, after which they moved onto implementing other features, such as patch management, web content control and email security.

The results

The company started to see changes in their IT environment almost immediately after taking the solution into use.

“It was quite amazing!”, Mahendru exclaims. “Almost everything in our information infrastructure became faster and more efficient. F-Secure’s solution was just that much better than our previous endpoint security software.”

Although smooth operation is a key success factor with any IT solution, it’s not the main consideration in terms of cyber security. To their satisfaction, Gopaljee also found F-Secure to more than deliver on their promise regarding protection.

“The anti-malware for both Windows and Mac has consistently exceeded our expectations. F-Secure’s firewalling capability is also top-notch”, Mahendru says. “And let’s not forget the main event: sophisticated patch management that’s truly integrated with all the other security components.”

Gopaljee Dairy Foods was so impressed with Business Suite Premium that they decided to order an additional 300 licenses, along with 500 subscriptions for F-Secure’s cloud-hosted endpoint security product, F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection. Both solutions give companies the best protection on the market, but where Business Suite Premium offers full configurability and advanced management, Endpoint Protection is nimble and exceedingly easy to deploy through the cloud.

“While we use Business Suite Premium in our data center and main offices, F-Secure Elements EPP is a great fit for our large network of stores across the country. Having easy-to-use and centrally managed protection in even our most remote locations is a real boost to our security”, Mahendru explains.

Overall, Gopaljee Dairy Foods is extremely satisfied with F-Secure’s offering and plans to develop their cyber security further with additional products. To this effect, the company is currently considering adopting F-Secure’s vulnerability management software F-Secure Elements Vulnerability Management and F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response.

“The anti-malware for both Windows and Mac has consistently exceeded our expectations. F-Secure’s firewalling capability is also top-notch.”

“We couldn’t be happier with F-Secure”, Mahendru says. “Not only are the products high-quality, but they’re also cost-effective and easy-to-use. I also really enjoy working with the local F-Secure representatives here in India! We’re getting really excellent service and support.”

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