Privacy policy for surveys

In brief

In this privacy policy we at F-Secure, explain how we handle personally identifiable information in our surveys.

We collect survey data on our customers' experience of working with us and our products and services. We use your responses to improve our products, services, and for other collaboration with our customers.

In full

F-Secure deploys customer surveys to acquire feedback on security services. We use this feedback to increase our customer understanding and consequently to improve our products and services, as well as the way that we operate on the market.

This privacy policy covers how F-Secure handles personally identifiable information in its surveys. For other aspects (international transfers, data subject rights, contact information, etc.) regarding the processing of your personal data, please see the F-Secure privacy statement, which applies to all of our services and to which this service-specific policy is an add-on.

What data do we collect?

We prepopulate our survey with the data that we have on you. This typically includes your email address, phone number, name, language, country, and other customer relationship data. We may additionally ask for some more information, such as age and gender, to help categorize responses. In the survey we ask about your experience with us.


We collect this data only where you consent to it by responding to our survey. You do not have to respond to us. However, we would very much appreciate that you do so, so that we know what you value to better serve you.

You can choose to no longer receive this type of survey invitation through the opt-out link in each survey invitation email.

Data disclosures

We share our customers' contact data with our affiliates and subcontractors based on the principles set out under "Transfers" in the F-Secure privacy statement. We do this to enable our affiliates and subcontractors to contact customers for conducting surveys and to provide visibility of survey results to the relevant affiliates.

The affiliates and subcontractors agree to process personal data solely as instructed by F-Secure. They are not allowed to use survey data for any other purposes. They are themselves responsible for cookie practices on their sites.


If you are our consumer customer, your survey responses are stored in our customer registry for six (6) months from the response date of the respective survey – unless you request that it be deleted sooner. The purpose for retention is to ensure enough time for conducting a successful survey and analyzing the data. After this, the results will be anonymized and continue to be stored as aggregate results.

If you are our corporate customer or partner, your survey responses are stored in our customer registry in accordance to its retention rules.

Operator partners

In some cases, we also conduct surveys on our operator partners' end customers. To effectively approach you as an operator partner's end customer and to get usable results, the operator provides us with baseline data on intended survey recipients. Such data typically includes email addresses, names, phone numbers, contact IDs, number of activated licenses, details on the offer (e.g. fixed or mobile, number of paid licenses). We share your responses with the operator for analysis and as feedback for future improvements. The operator processes and stores such data according to their practices.

You can opt out from receiving future surveys through the opt-out link in the survey invitation emails.

  • If the operator manages the communication preferences and/or holds all identifying data for the recipient, the operator is responsible for removing those end customers who have opted out.
  • If F-Secure manages the communication preferences relating to distributed security services for the recipient, F-Secure is responsible for removing the recipients who have opted out.

The Operator is the first point of contact for any additional queries from the survey recipient.

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