Website privacy policy

This policy describes the privacy practices on our website. Any personally identifiable data that you submit to us (e.g. via web forms) is processed according to the F-Secure Personal data policy.

When you access our website, it may place cookies on your computer. When accessing our site, you agree to accept such cookies. If you do not want to receive such cookies, we advise you to change your browser settings.

The purpose for data collection from our website is website personalization and development as well as web marketing activities.

Website personalization and development

To personalize and develop our website, we collect data on how you use it via cookies, web beacons and other customary means.

The information collected via cookies helps us to understand how our website visitors find and use our website and how long they stay. We use this information to improve the usefulness and overall usability of our website, to deliver you customized content, to test and optimize our website, and to locate any issues or problems with the website itself and your usage of it.

We do this user behavior analysis by way of aggregate statistics and/or by help of third party web analytic providers, which help us create user profiles based on pseudonyms. We also generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal use and share them with F-Secure group companies, partners and advertisers. Our third party web analytic providers may also create and publish aggregate reports on the data collected. The statistics and aggregate reports do not contain any data that could be linked to any individual website visitor.

We do not seek to use cookies to find out your identity. Nor do we connect your IP address to you or collect any information that directly identifies you unless you voluntarily submit such information to us. For example, you will need to submit personal information if you buy an F-Secure product, fill out a form or survey, enter a contest or sweepstakes, register your e-mail address with us, or e-mail us.

Web marketing activities

The data that we collect can also be used for marketing purposes. To identify products that may interest you, we may collect information about pages that you visited or products that you bought so that we can market relevant services to you.

We work with e-commerce sites to provide targeted advertising to our customers.

When you visit our website, a third-party website (for example our partner's site), or click an advertisement for F-Secure services, your web activities may be tracked through cookies. The cookies are generated by our marketing partners to advertise our services on other websites. Our marketing partners may provide their own cookies to display personalized, F-Secure-related advertisements.

These cookies typically collect data about e-commerce sites that you have visited, for example, the pages you viewed and the products you bought. This data is used for statistical purposes and will not be used to identify you.

Our goal is to advertise our products and services based on what people have seen or intended to buy on e-commerce sites. We advertise these products and services through customized banners on our own and third-party websites. We may use information that you have submitted to us to market our services to you.

We do not sell your personal data to third-party advertisers. Information that cannot be used to identify you may be shared with our advertising or business partners. They may also use cookies to track what ads you have seen and what ads you appear to be interested in.

General information about cookies

Cookies collect information about the use of our website. This information includes the type of Internet browser and operating system that you use, the domain name of the site from which you connect, the date, time and duration of your visit, number of visits, average time that you spend on our website, and the pages that you view. A cookie also contains a unique identification number that identifies your browser. This helps us recognize your browser when you visit our website again. We also track what searches people make on our website, and what browsers, computers and operating systems they use. We may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as text you type in this website.

We use both first-party (set by F-Secure) and third-party cookies (set by a domain other than F-Secure that convey information to that third party site upon your visit to F-Secure site). This includes Google Advertising cookies which provide us information about your age group, gender and interests based on visits to other websites.

Third-party web analytic providers

We also use the following third-party service providers to achieve some of the above collection of data via cookies. In such an event, the collected data is transmitted to such third-party service providers for processing. The collection and processing of data from our sites by such third-party service providers is consistent with this privacy policy.

Opting out

Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You can discontinue the data collection any time by adjusting your browser settings or by opting out at third-party web analytic providers' pages (see below). When adjusting, do note that some of the features in our website are dependent on cookies to function.

There are many sites that advise you on cookie settings and how to change them. For example;

Opt-out links for third-party providers

If you do not wish to disable tracking cookies overall (from your browser settings), you can use the links below to opt out from certain third-party providers.

Please note that these opt-out mechanisms work by placing a cookie in your browser. Therefore, your browser must be configured to accept cookies for your preference to take effect. If you delete or clear your cookies, or if you change which web browser you are using, you will need to set your preferences again.

Adobe Analytics Read more Opt out
Adobe Target Read more Opt out
Bing Read more Opt out
DoubleClick Read more Opt out
Eloqua Read more Opt out
Facebook Custom Audiences Read more Opt out
Google AdWords Read more Opt out
Google Analytics Read more Opt out
Twitter Read more Opt out

Third-party websites

We are not responsible for any third-party websites that you enter through our website. Our Personal data policy does not cover data collected by any third-party websites, so you should read the privacy statements of those websites carefully.

F-Secure does not control cookies from third-party websites. The third parties are responsible for how these cookies work and how the personal data is processed.

In particular; when using our F-Secure Search product, note that the feature runs on Google's search solution and you might be subjected to cookies that Google uses on its site. You can read more about Google's data collection practices on its website and disable such cookies through your browser settings.

The practices on accepting or blocking third-party cookies vary by marketing campaign and are defined by the third party and applicable laws.

September 2016