What makes FREEDOME the best VPN for you?

We created some extra features to make FREEDOME more than your ordinary personal VPN.

Tracker Mapper maps blocked tracking attempts

Block intrusive trackers

Nearly everything you do online is tracked, and the data is stored. You might wonder why you should care, but websites build a profile of you to target you with manipulative prices and marketing messages. F-Secure FREEDOME is different to other VPNs: it blocks intrusive trackers and makes your online browsing smoother and websites load faster.

Instead of just telling you how many tracking attempts FREEDOME has blocked, we thought we would bring this to life. Tracker Mapper works by letting you record blocked tracking attempts, then you can see these on an interactive, visual map. You'll be surprised to see the volume!

More unique features

Intuitive and handy interface

FREEDOME is simply a joy to use, thanks to our handy interface that lets you intuitively control all features through a single button. Choose when you need protecting and view handy facts like how much traffic has been protected and how many harmful sites blocked.

Carefree browsing

We've been creating internet security products for a long time, so we have the technology to detect harmful sites. We brought this technology into our FREEDOME VPN, we will notify you and block harmful sites so you can browse the web carefree.

You're in safe hands

You need to buy a privacy product from a company you can trust. But why trust us? F-Secure has been defending tens of millions of people around the globe from digital threats for over 25 years, with a spotless record of consumer trust. We fight for your digital freedom!

How does FREEDOME compare to other VPNs?


personal VPN

Hide your IP address

Access to geo restricted content

Multiple platform use, including mobile

Wi-Fi protection

Unlimited bandwidth

Tracking attempts blocked

Interactive tracker mapper

Intuitive and handy interface

Browsing protection

Established reputable company

Based in Finland, a country with strict privacy laws


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