Business Suite is an on-premise business security solution with advanced security management features suitable for businesses of all sizes with demanding high security requirements

Much more than just anti-virus protection, Business Suite is a complete protection package that secures everything from gateway to endpoints against known vulnerabilities and emerging 0-day threats.


The threat landscape has changed. If your business has data or money, you're a target. Cyber crime is now a big, highly sophisticated business—and getting bigger every day.

About 80% of cyber attack victims are under-protected targets of opportunity. All the same, new threats are discovered daily. That's why up-to-the-minute detection matters. F-Secure protects millions of customers worldwide from emerging threats within 60 seconds of detection anywhere around the globe.

Millions of incidents per year
Incoming attacks per day


If you're like most businesspeople, you don't want to spend all your time trying to keep the bad guys out. You need a solution that's simple to use, updates automatically and has minimal impact on system performance.

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With Business Suite you get total security and peace of mind. The powerful control and management features allow you to manage security according to your own security policies and guidelines.

Easy to manage

Excellent administrator control and reporting

Increased security through browsing controls that reduce human error

Airtight, end-to-end security


Designed for both physical and virtual environments, Business Suite provides granular central management and layered protection from gateway to endpoint.

Laptop & desktop protection for physical and virtual environments

The full range of server protection

Email, Web & FTP protection

Automatic software updates



Policy Manager is Business Suite's nerve center. It's a powerful central management tool that provides superior control and manageability for demanding environments. Policy Manager enables administrators to:

  • Keep all levels of IT infrastructure safe with automated updates
  • Centrally define and distribute security policies and monitor the company's overall security
  • Take control with functions like Web Content Control, Connection Control and Advanced Protection
  • Automate patch management with Software Updater
  • Manage both physical and virtual environments with one tool

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Client Security provides award-winning endpoint protection for computers running Windows. It is uniquely able to provide impenetrable protection against all online threats while minimizing impact on system performance. Endpoint protection is at the core of cyber security, and this is the best of the best.

  • Get award-winning, multilayer security for desktops and laptops
  • Protect your company against 0-day vulnerabilities with DeepGuard, our proactive on-host protection engine
  • Keep OS and third party software patches up-to-date Enjoy complete protection with minimal impact on system performance

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Servers store sensitive, mission-critical data. That's where Server Security comes in, to protect your networks and data against spam, modern Internet threats and all types of malware. Server Security protects all types of servers: Microsoft Windows servers, Citrix and Microsoft terminal servers.

  • Benefit from proactive security, including DeepGuard's behavior analysis, which efficiently identifies and intercepts malicious behaviour
  • Protect your business environment against harmful websites and browser attacks with Browsing Protection
  • Manage this additional layer of protection with the integrated Software Updater

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In addition to all the features in Server Security, Email and Server Security offers additional protection for Microsoft Exchange servers, Microsoft SharePoint servers and EMC storage. Highlights include a Microsoft SharePoint component with advanced anti-malware, as well as a Microsoft Exchange component with advanced anti-malware and highly accurate spam filtering.

  • Secure sharing and collaboration systems with best available protection
  • Get all the functionality of Server Security, plus additional features for email and collaboration
  • Benefit from scheduled and on-demand scanning, anti-spam and browsing protection

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Scanning and Reputation Server offloads CPU-intensive scanning to a dedicated and secure virtual server, optimizing performance and security. It offers multilayer technology for virtual desktops and servers. Scanning and Reputation Server is a core element in Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments.

  • Protect all popular virtualization platforms with one solution
  • Securely protect public and private clouds in VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Deploy the hypervisor-agnostic solution in any virtualization environment (VI or VDI) Reduce memory, CPU and disk space consumption on virtual machines

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Internet Gatekeeper provides high-performance protection at the gateway level. It leverages the firepower of F-Secure's Security Cloud to scan all incoming/outgoing HTTP traffic for all types of malware discovered worldwide within the last 60 seconds.

  • Protect your environment against malware in mail, browsing and file transfers
  • Deploy essential gateway level protection in an easy and flexible manner
  • Block ActiveX/Script (JavaScript/VBScript)
  • Filter spam and harmful contents from emails using different criteria and spam identification headers

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Linux Security

Linux Security provides protection against unauthorized access within the corporate network, with integrity checking for endpoints and servers alike. You, and only you, decides who has access to the system.

  • Achieve extensive security for Linux environments with malware scanning on mail servers, Web servers and file servers as well as endpoints
  • Leverage real-time, manual and scheduled scan capabilities right out of the box
  • Benefit from best detection rates Protect your mixed environment against Windows malware

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Additional features

Software Updater automatically patches +2500 applications
Web Content Control improves security and productivity by controlling access to websites
Connection control boosts security for sensitive activities like online banking
Advanced Protection blocks access to selected file types from unknown or harmful sites
Scanning and Reputation Server forms an integral part of our Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments, handling selected scanning requirements
Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Storage protection

Business Suite Standard

Business Suite Premium

Virus & Spyware Protection


Web Traffic Scanning

Browsing Protection

Offload Scanning Agent

Advanced Protection

Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange

Spam Control

HTTP Traffic filtering with Internet Gatekeeper

Web Content Control

Connection Protection

Software Updater

Anti-Virus for Microsoft SharePoint

Support for Virtual Desktops and Servers (SRS)

EMC CAVA Support

"Since 2011 F-Secure business security solutions have guaranteed the highest protection in corporate environments."
Andreas Marx, CTO, AV-Test
"F-Secure license scheme is very useful for covering all endpoints of University, Faculty members and Students. We can improve the security level of all Campus."
Kenichi Sugitani, Professor, Dr.Eng., Kumumoto University, Center for Management of Information Technologies