Is your home Wi-Fi network secure?

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Is your home Wi-Fi network secure?

The security of our home Wi-Fi network becomes more important every day. We have more computers and other devices that need securing, and criminals are looking for more and more vulnerabilities. There are many tips to secure your home network but none of them help if you have an unsecure router. Here is why.

Security problems with most Wi-Fi routers

Many of the security issues with our home Wi-Fi networks are related to bad router security Even though you can take steps to improve the security of your WiFi network, some routers are almost impossible to make secure. Criminals are constantly trying to hack popular WiFi routers that are given out by your Internet service provider or top the list of most popular routers sold online. So just by buying a popular router, you are putting yourself in danger

Update your router firmware regularly

The biggest security issue with most routers however is that most of them are rarely or ever updated. Updating  the firmware inside a WiFi router can be very difficult, even with instructions. A WiFi router without updates is unsecure because it is not equipped to deal with latest threats. Hackers can exploit these routers, and even changing the default password might not help

Get an automatically updating router

It is highly recommended that you get a router which updates its automatically. To make sure your home WiFi network stays secure, it should always be protected against latest threats from hackers and viruses. With a smart router like F-Secure SENSE, you are constantly protected from threats while enjoying some of the fastest WiFi connections available.

F-Secure SENSE is fast and secure

Read more about F-Secure SENSE,  the best way to secure your home WiFi network. SENSE combines a smart router,  a secure app and industry-leading cloud protection to give you a fast & secure surfing experience.

F-Secure SENSE

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