5 cool IoT gadgets you want in your connected home

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The golden age of the Internet of Things (IoT) has finally arrived. More and more interesting devices aimed at the internet-connected home market are coming every day. Some of these gadgets might be a bit gimmicky, but they will make your life easier, or at the very least, will do a great job of amusing your friends. So consider spicing up your connected home with one of these devices.

1. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a cool connected home gadget that changes the mood of your entire connected home. It lets you control the color of your home lighting with an app that connects to your home network via WiFi. A bunch of cool add-ons are available the make this internet-connected home appliance a great way to impress your friends and bring some color into your home.

2. Smarter coffee maker

This connected home gadget uses WiFi to let you get your caffeine fix without delay. An app lets you brew any amount of coffee whenever you want, making this a useful IoT gadget for anyone who is always on the go. Unfortunately, you cannot connect the smart coffee maker to home automation systems, but this neat little appliance is still a handy purchase for any coffee-loving tech geek.

3. Haiku ceiling fan

The Haiku ceiling fan is both an incredibly cool looking IoT gadget as well as one that will make your life more comfortable. You can control it with your phone, or set it to turn on automatically when certain temperatures are reached. It also acts as an IoT alarm clock and tracks humidity in the room. When it comes to connected home gadgets that make your life easier, the Haiku ceiling fan is definitely up there on the list.

4. Nest Protect

This connected home gadget doesn't just bring a neat piece of tech into your home, it might actually save your life. The Nest Protect completely reinvents the smoke alarm, using high-tech sensors to alert you even when you are at home. It is definitely one of the most useful IoT devices you can buy for the home, even if it's not the flashiest. Just make sure you have IoT security, because one thing you really don't want hacked is a smoke alarm.

5. F‑Secure SENSE

It's easy to get excited about new IoT devices in our homes, and in the process, forget about their security. Protecting your devices is becoming more important as more connected things enter our homes. It is easy to forget that every unsecure device in your home is an entry point into your home network, meaning that one badly designed IoT device could allow criminals access to your entire home network. F‑Secure SENSE is a smart security router that replaces traditional security products on computers, phones and tablets, but also protects new kind of IoT devices for which no traditional protection is unavailable. Find out more about F‑Secure SENSE.

F-Secure SENSE

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