Is Wi-Fi safe to use?

We all love free Wi-Fi, it's one of the most convenient things in modern life. But while Wi-Fi might be fast and easy, it is not very secure. How secure and private a wireless is depends on a few things:

Wi-Fi encryption

There are different types of encryption on Wi-Fi. Public is the least secure, as anyone can  access this type of wireless network easily without any need for Wi-Fi hacking. If the Free Wi-Fi at your airport of coffee shop is public, you are at clear risk. If a Wi-Fi hotspot has WEP encryption, it is extremely vulnerable as this technology is fifteen years old and very easily hackable. WAP encryption is strong (not unbreakable), but can only prevent those not in the Wi-Fi network from hacking you.

Wi-Fi location

People mistakenly believe that location is an important factor in their wireless security. The Wi-Fi network at their local coffee shop or a trusted company does not guarantee security in any way. This is because Wi-Fi hacking doesn't require a criminal to actually own the hotspot, but just have access to it. So as long as the Wi-Fi password is available, anyone using the hotspot can get hacked easily.

Your own Wi-Fi security

The only person who can make sure you have security on Wi-Fi is you. It is important to understand that anything you send over Wi-Fi that is unencrypted can easily be intercepted and hacked by anyone on that Wi-Fi. The solution to achieve Wi-Fi security is therefore to encrypt your wireless connection with a VPN.

How to be secure on hotspots in two minutes

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