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We used to call wanting to hide your IP address paranoid, now we just call it common sense. This hasn't always been easy. In the past, wanting to hide my IP address meant using an anonymous proxy or other IP masking service, which was usually cumbersome, slow and expensive. Thankfully, things have changed.

These days, us consumers have access to personal VPN services like F-Secure Freedome which hide your IP address and giving you a new, untraceable one. By choosing a trustworthy, reliable and fast VPN provider you can have all the benefits (a way to hide IP and identity online) of an anonymous proxy without losing speed or convenience.

A personal VPN — just like an anonymous proxy

"How does a VPN hide my IP address?" This simple infographic made by our designers answers this and shows how a VPN immediately starts to hide your IP address and the benefits this carries. The effect is similar to that of an anonymous proxy: IP masking to hide your IP address so your online activity can't be traced back to you by anyone.

Without VPN
With VPN

Why trust us to hide your IP address?

"So you can hide my IP address, but why should I trust you to keep my information private?" A legitimate question, and we do everything we can to maintain the trust (in fact we won the "Consumer trust award" award last year at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum). We hide the IP & identities of our customers, and betraying their trust would not only violate our principles, but also be bad for business. Unlike almost all other VPN providers that hide your IP address, were are backed by a legitimate security company with a spotless record of over 25 years.

F-Secure FREEDOME — more than just a way to hide IP

"Can FREEDOME do other stuff besides hide my IP address?" Yes, we are so much more than a typical anonymous proxy. FREEDOME features beyond typical IP masking include anti-tracking, anti-malware and Wi‑Fi security. So not only does it hide your IP address, FREEDOME protects you from online threats and makes sure your connection on public Wi‑Fi stays safe. You can block tracking, encrypt connection, hide IP and become invisible to the big brother with a single button.

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