Digital parenting

Protect your children online

Good parents

We all want to be good parents

It's a given that we want to raise our children as well as we can. We want to shelter them and keep them safe from harm, so that they can grow up without worries. Our duties as parents are to protect our kids' childhood, give them tools to advance in life and help them to grow into stable and understanding adults. We cannot isolate them from the world around them, but we can certainly make it a safer place.

Connected life

Be part of your child's connected life

Our children grow up surrounded by technology. Households are full of devices connected to the internet — some are shared, while others are personal. For our children, technology is a normal part of their everyday lives. They switch between devices, applications, and media throughout the day without even noticing. New apps and technology trends continuously influence their behavior and the ways in which they think. For them, there is no separation between “life” and “digital life”. As parents, we have the choice to either ignore this truth or embrace it.

Checklist for parents

Checklist for parents

Help make your children's online world a safer place.

  1. Show interest  
  2. Be available  
  3. Listen and converse  
  4. See for yourself  
  5. Protect  
  6. Follow age guidelines  
  7. Agree on rules  
  8. Protect your devices  
  9. Be an example  
  10. Praise and encourage  

F-Secure SAFE can help you

F‑Secure SAFE has been designed for your entire family. It adapts to the different protection needs of small children, teens and adults. You only need one product for your family, as SAFE combines internet security features with parental controls. The new Family Rules feature also enables you to manage your child's protection profile remotely through the My F‑Secure portal.

Time limits

Maintain a healthy balance in your children's lives by keeping their device use and screen time in moderation.

Content filter

Allow your children to explore the internet safely. Access to harmful content is automatically blocked.


Locate your child's device remotely and see its location on the map through My F‑Secure.

Remote management

Manage the protected devices and Family Rules settings easily through My F‑Secure.

”I would like to give you some feedback about F-Secure SAFE. Today my 7-year old child got lost on her way from school to daycare. When the daycare informed me that she never arrived, I called her. As we spoke, it became clear that she had taken wrong turn and was lost. Luckily, I had installed F-Secure SAFE on her Android.

I was able to locate her on my laptop and then tell the daycare how to reach her. The daycare worker was able to call on the way to pick up her up. I want to thank you for this service and the worry it saved me.”

— Eeva, F-Secure SAFE user

Configure SAFE for your children

Shape your Family Rules according to your family's individual needs. Once you've agreed on the rules with your children, make them a priority within your home.

Try F-Secure SAFE Internet security for free

  • Free trial for 30 days and 3 devices
  • The trial period does not obligate you to buy the product
  • Using the product for the trial period does not require you to provide any credit card or banking details