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Internet Gatekeeper blocks all data intruders at gateway level. No backdoors, no exceptions.

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Internet Gatekeeper

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Internet Gatekeeper is the ultimate digital bouncer for small and medium business security. It protects you over malware in mail, browsing and file transfers. Draw the line, stop unwanted visitors at the doorstep, and get secure.


  • Rigorous. Ensures that malware cannot enter or leave the corporate network.

  • Effective. Blocks malware that risks data, wastes network bandwidth and increases legal liability concerns.

  • Built for use. Flexible and easy to deploy.

  • Saves costs. Small and easy to use, but has all the essential features to keep your business safe.

Technical details

Reliable Protection Boosts Productivity

F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper provides high-performance protection at the gateway level by scanning incoming and outgoing SMTP and POP3, HTTP and FTP traffic for all types of malware. It provides reliable protection with automatic updates.

  • Virus protection for e-mail (SMTP and POP), web traffic (HTTP) and file transfers (FTP)

  • Can block ActiveX/Script (JavaScript/VBScript)

  • Spam filtering, and filtering of e-mails using different criteria and spam identification headers

  • Can be deployed as a transparent proxy server

  • Support for POP before SMTP authentication

  • Automatic virus definition updates and use of the Real-Time Protection Network (RTPN)

Supported platforms and languages

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