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Up for tailored support? Our Business Support service gets personal with your problems.

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Business Support

Available 24/7, Business Support is an easy, reliable and punctual service ready to solve all your queries. Get it online with local partners or let our specialists go in-depth and personal with your service incident.

Personal Service

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Three levels of Business Support

Choose the most suitable package for your business needs.

Standard Support

Standard support services area usually provided by your local IT partner.

Standard Support

  • Reliable basic service.

Advanced Support

A collection of services to guarantee faster, more flexible and compherensive support.

Advanced Support

  • Enhances our core support significantly.
  • Your contacts are forwarded directly to technical support.

Premium Support

Our best support services for added value, provided by our experienced technical support teams.

Premium Support

  • Utmost level of availability, expertise and service.
  • Top notch service level to respond to urgent incidents within an hour.
  • Fastest possible resolution time in all incidents, guaranteed.


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