Forcing all hosts to use real-time scanning

In this example, real-time scanning is configured so that users cannot disable it; this ensures that all hosts stay protected in any circumstances.

  1. Select Root on the Policy domains tab.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and select the Real-time scanning page.
  3. Select the Real-time scanning enabled check box.
  4. Select Files with these extensions from the Files to scan: drop-down list.
  5. Select the action to take when an infected file is found from the Custom action on infection drop-down list. Alternatively, select Decide action on infection automatically to let the product automatically decide what action to take.
  6. Check that the other settings on this page are suitable for your system, and modify them if necessary.
  7. Click Disallow user changes to restrict users from disabling real-time scanning on their computers. Now a closed lock symbol is displayed beside all settings on this page.
  8. Click to distribute the policy.