F-Secure Support Tool privacy policy

In brief

When you run the F-Secure Support tool, it gathers information about your computer system and configuration, as well as the logs created by our services. The information is used for troubleshooting and solving problems in our services.

The information is saved as an archive file to your desktop or computer. You may review and edit the information before you send the archive file to customer support.

In full

We wrote this to tell you about the personal and private data that you submit via the tool and what we use it for. We believe that these topics matter to you the most, so we focus on them in this policy. For other aspects (international transfers, data subject rights, contact information, etc.) regarding the processing of your personal data, please see the F-Secure privacy statement, which applies to all of our services and to which this service-specific policy is an add-on.

What do we collect and what do we do with it?

Information collected from F-Secure service logs

The information includes F-Secure service logs. This information contains detailed information of the service activity, for example downloading and installing updates, communication between the service components, engaging a feature, and security events. The information may contain service crash dumps, file paths, banking web sites, and blocked web pages.

Information collected from the operating systems logs

The information contains the current configuration of your operating system, for example the network configuration, installed applications, operating system services (e.g. OS update services) and running processes and applications (e.g. internet browser), mapped drives and device and user names, system crash dumps and logs. The submitted information also includes a snapshot of the system event history.


Service log information is collected to establish whether our service has operated as intended, including resolving potential incorrectly categorized issues. Operating system information is collected for the purpose of troubleshooting problems in cases where our own service logs provide insufficient information. The archive file is also used as a data source to support our development activities, so that we can prevent the re-occurrence of the issue on your device or on those of other customers.


If you have been asked by F-Secure Customer Care to change the logging level to "full" prior to (re)running this tool to record information from an F-Secure service, the following scan performed by this tool includes additional data compared to the above. The type of collected additional data varies according to the target of the debugging activity. Our Customer Care can advise you on what kind of data would be likely collected for the issue at hand. We typically need to do this when we do not have enough data to diagnose the problems on your device.

The information in the archive file is in text form, and you can review in detail what information we have gathered. If you are concerned about the information the archive file contains, you can extract the files and edit the information before recompressing and sending it to us.

Legal grounds

Our legal grounds for the processing of personal data varies depending on whether you are running this tool as a consumer or as a corporate customer. In each case, the collection of the above data is necessary for us to be able to effectively provide you / your employer with our support services. Absent of this data, it will be more difficult to help you in solving the incident with our services.

In addition to the above, if you are a consumer, the data is collected on the basis of the service that you have made a contract for (i.e. for the purposes of contract performance). Such contracts may be made either directly with us or with another entity (such as our webstore or operator partner) that has tendered our services to you.

Once you have provided the data (as an archive file) via the support tool, we have a legitimate interest to use the data that you have submitted to solve the exact problem that has given rise to the support case and also to store the data for the time that is necessary to prevent the incident from re-occurring in our services.


Where the service has been provided to you via our corporate reseller or operator partner, your support contact is likely via these entities. These entities will typically forward the archive file to F-Secure for analysis and in-depth problem resolution activities. In some cases, the file may also be handled by such reseller if they perform the problem resolution activities independently from us.

F-Secure also employs its affiliates and subcontractors based on the principles set out under "Transfers" in its privacy statement. In brief: the archive file may be handled by F-Secure Corporation, our affiliated companies, relevant subcontractors, and our support partners, but only for the purposes set out in this policy.


The file is stored by our customer support for as long as the support case is open and for a maximum of six months from closing the ticket.

The file is stored in our research and development ticketing system as long as necessary for ascertaining that the encountered issues will be fixed / will remain fixed in future service releases and for a maximum of two years from closing the ticket.

While the files are in our care, we respect the possibly private and confidential nature of the information in the file and do not use it or share it except as necessary for the above purposes.

Exceptions and additions to the above are set out in the F-Secure privacy statement.

More information

More information on how F-Secure handles personally identifiable information is available in the F-Secure privacy statement on the F-Secure public web pages.

(May 2018)