An A-Z guide to the technical terms used in digital security


The commonly used short form of the word 'hyperlink', which refers to a navigational element of a web page. Links are coded based on the standards of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

Links are most commonly created using single words or a text string - typically, a particular word on a webpage is highlighted and coded in such a way that clicking on it will 'jump' the user to another page. In recent years it has become common to use images as links as well.

Links can be a security concern if they are deliberately set to lead an unsuspecting user to a malicious webpage.


A non-proprietary operating system (OS) popularly used for computer networks and corporate servers, and to a lesser extent, for work and home users.

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What is malware?

A term commonly used in digital security to refer to 'malicious software'

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