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Test your iOS device for the CVE-2014-4377 vulnerability

Mobile Safari in the iOS 7 has a vulnerability (CVE-2014-4377) that can let attackers remotely gain access to your iOS device. A device with the flaw can be compromised if the user visits a website that has either been specially designed or hijacked to attack the vulnerability.

The vulnerability was later fixed in the iOS 8 release. However, iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices which have not been (or in some cases, cannot be) upgraded to the latest operating system version remain vulnerable to attacks against this flaw.

Check for the CVE-2014-4377 flaw

F-Secure offers an easy-to-use site that tests if an iOS device is affected by the CVE-2014-4377 flaw.

To check your device, go to the iOS Test site:

Go to iOS Test site