Flashback Removal

Tool and instructions for manually finding and removing the Mac OS X Flashback trojan

Created in response to the 2012 Mac OS X Flashback malware incident, this free F-Secure Flashback Removal tool automates detection and removal of the trojan.

Download & Instructions

  • Download FlashbackRemoval.zip (version 1.1.0, 40KB) to the Mac machine you want to scan.
  • Double-click the ZIP package to unzip it in the current folder.
  • Double-click the FlashBack Removal app to run the tool.
  • Follow the instructions to check your system and clean any infections.
    • The tool creates a log file (RemoveFlashback.log) on current user's Desktop.
    • Any malicious files found are quarantined into an encrypted ZIP file named flashback_quarantine.zip and saved in the current user's Home folder. The ZIP file uses the password, "infected".


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For certain cases, a legacy removal tool may be necessary. Legacy tools are stored on our FTP.

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