SAFE has a feature called antivirus to stop dangerous files from infecting your computer. But how does it work?

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Whenever you download a file, open an email attachment or install an extension on your browser, you are at risk of infecting your computer with harmful files known as malware. Criminals trick users into down­loading malware by disguising them as harmless, even sneaking them into trusted websites.

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Security Cloud

The F-Secure Security Cloud is a constantly updated online database of malware programs. Downloaded files with the biggest potential for harm are checked against the security cloud before they even reach your computer. Every single file is then also scanned by SAFE as soon as it reaches your computer.

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SAFE has a way to protect you even from completely new threats that are not yet identified as viruses. A technology called DeepGuard uses artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of files you download and block them if they are acting in an unusual way.

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