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Brand and Values

In just the last few years, use of digital cameras and camera phones has skyrocketed. Digital music is now commonplace. Most important documents are digital. Online banking and shopping are widespread. Social networking services are integral parts of personal and professional relationships.

Yet, most of us are only just beginning to realize that digital content and online relationships are often truly irreplaceable. All around us are one-of-a-kind photos, music collections, important documents and financial accounts on which the stability of families rest.

The F-Secure brand promise, “Protecting the irreplaceable”, captures the essence of what we do and raises it to the highest level of importance. Every piece of digital content, every password, every trusted on-line relationship, is in fact irreplaceable. That’s the way we see it. This way, nothing is left to chance; no file is treated as less important than another.

It is this promise that gives us clarity and focus to fuel innovation and lead the industry.

F-Secure - Protecting the irreplaceable.