Uncompromised virtual security with optimal performance

Virtual Security solution is designed to protect the modern business culture's need for mixed environments. It gives you ultimate protection for all virtual environments.

Virtual security requires special attention

In a virtual environment, you will face a lot of traditional security threats, but in addition, you need to be prepared for the additional challenges that virtualization brings. For example limited hardware capacity, which calls for efficient use of the network. Or shared hardware, where there is a need for optimization and a good user experience. The added weight on the scanning process requires investments into additional capacity.

Traditional anti-virus in virtual machines uses up a lot of hardware resources and is difficult to manage. In addition, it is more expensive and has a bigger impact on performance.

But you don't need to compromise.

Comprehensive and affordable security for virtual environments

F-Secure Virtual Security offers the best protection level for purely virtual, mixed, and hybrid environments. It optimizes performance in virtual environments by offloading scanning to a separate, dedicated server.

F-Secure Virtual Security allows you to optimize the use of resources in F-Secure products (Client Security and Client Security Premium, Server Security, E-mail and Server Security) by offloading performance-intensive scanning tasks.

Virtual Security solution offers easy deployment with pre-configured virtual appliances and one-time installation on virtual machine templates. It protects both public and private cloud solutions, virtual servers, and virtual desktops (VDI). It offers support for the most common virtual environments.

  • Specially designed to tackle security challenges in virtual environments
  • Supports all popular virtualization platforms


Making virtual security easy

F-Secure Virtual Security offers an easy and flexible solution to keep your virtual environments safe

Hypervisor-agnostic, can be deployed in any virtualization environment (VI or VDI)

Reduces complexity

A simple pricing model and affordable total cost as one package serves both virtual and physical environments

Optimized security for virtual environments

Secure virtualization environments in VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V platforms

Offloads CPU-intensive scanning operations to a dedicated Scanning and Reputation Server

Proactive, behavior-based protection against malware, exploits, phishing, and network-based attacks

Reduced memory, CPU, and disk space consumption on virtual machines



for file and web content on virtual machines using F-Secure's award-winning anti-malware technology and Security Cloud on the dedicated Scanning and Reputation Server


with a light agent on Virtual machines providing advanced behavioral analysis, web content control, browsing protection, and automated software updates


offloads CPU-intensive scanning tasks and offers optimized performance for desktops and servers in virtual environments


to manage endpoints and servers in both physical and virtual environments


for all popular virtualization environments: VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V

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Over 80% of cyber attacks occur as a result of outdated software. Software Updater keeps software and Windows up-to-date automatically. Since it's integrated, you can easily avoid attacks based on known vulnerabilities.

  • Scan computers for missing software updates, keeping Microsoft Windows operating systems and programs as well as 3rd party applications patched against vulnerabilities
  • Centrally define and distribute security policies, and monitor your company's overall security
  • Define exclusions to automatic mode based on software names or bulletin IDs
  • Filter out exclusions from the console interface to avoid clutter

Read more about Software Updater


DeepGuard provides proactive on-host protection against new and emerging threats. Its dynamic, proactive behavioral analysis technology efficiently identifies and intercepts malicious behavior.

  • Get immediate on-host protection against known and new threats even before signature databases are updated
  • Intercept exploit attacks against installed programs
  • Recognize and block suspicious activity
  • Minimize the potential loss of sensitive data due to malware infection

Read more about DeepGuard


Web Content Control enables you to restrict unproductive and inappropriate Internet usage and manage what Web content users are allowed to access from the company network

  • Reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks associated with inappropriate web content
  • Enforce website restrictions in content categories pre-defined in
  • Policy Manager Improve security with an extra layer of protection


Connection Control prevents banking trojans from sending sensitive information to online criminals. It does this by automatically closing network connections to unknown sites and preventing new ones during business-critical actions such as online banking. You can enable Connection Control to sites that support HTTPS.

  • Improve security through controlled and safe access to business-critical assets
  • Protect the Web browser, the weakest link in business-critical sessions
  • Only allow connections to sites that are verified safe by F-Secure when banking online or performing other sensitive actions
  • Prevent financial loss through theft of online banking credentials
  • Prevent business secrets from being stolen through cloud-based CRM access


Browsing Protection ensures that employees can work safely and efficiently online without worries

  • Proactively prevents employees from accessing harmful sites, links or content
  • Eliminates human error and proactively minimizes exposure
  • Works with all major browsers


Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection enables you to block certain content from unknown sites, ensuring that employees can work safely and efficiently online.

  • Block content like Flash, Silverlight, Executables, Java & ActiveX components on unknown sites
  • Block 100% of Java applets from untrusted sources as well as Windows malware Whitelist trusted sites