Red Teaming Test

The most revealing test of a company's security posture is a multi-pronged attack by highly motivated and technically skilled aggressors.

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The F-Secure Red Teaming Test simulates a situation where our offensive team specifically chooses and targets your organization's vulnerable assets. The test is performed by F-Secure security professionals acting as real-life attackers. Their report will describe how well your company can withstand a targeted attack and how well your business' critical assets are protected. The results yield insights into how potential vulnerabilities can affect your business continuity and how they can be effectively remedied.

Real-life hacking

No automated tool or standard procedure will test the security of an organization as intelligently as the human mind of an attacker. Red Teaming Tests - also known as goal-oriented penetration tests - use an offensive team to perform an unconstrained targeted attack against your organization with the aim of benchmarking the processes, security controls and people that make up the security posture of your organization.

The test is conducted with a black box approach, meaning that our consultants have limited or no knowledge about the selected targets and scope – as would be the case for a real attacker. This approach simulates the process of an actual malicious attacker and gives a realistic view of your organization's security posture as experienced by an outsider.

The F-Secure team provides value by performing extensive target-driven tests as part of  a multi-threat-based benchmark. They make use of information gathered via public resources, combined with their own expertise, in order to perform the intended attack scenarios and attempt to gain access to one or multiple pre-defined and mutually-agreed-upon targets.

Real-life hacking
"To date, our cyber security professionals have a 100% success rate
in Red Team drills."

Janne Kauhanen

F-Secure Cyber Security Services

Why run a Red Teaming Test?

The main purpose of the Red Teaming Test is to test and verify that the security controls you have invested in are effective and can protect against – or at least detect and respond to – the types of attacks that are common today. Not only does this provide visibility as to which controls are missing, misaligned or malfunctioning; it also presents a realistic overview of which security investments have actual value across multiple domains – be it physical security, security awareness, network security, security monitoring, or administrative procedures.

  • Ensure that security controls are working and are aligned with their intended function
  • Measure the return of cyber security investments
  • Obtain an overview of how efficiently core assets or intellectual property are protected
  • Clarify if security processes need to be updated or if more security awareness training is required
  • Raise IT security awareness within relevant departments
  • Ensure that security monitoring works as intended
  • Test your organization's ability to contain an attack

F-Secure investigates cyber breaches more than any other company in Europe.

We draw the attack methods, techniques and technologies used in our tests from real life cyber attacks we investigate on behalf of our customers. While we also research and develop our own methods, you get the benefit of an authentic Red Teaming Test experience based on breaches your competitors have experienced.

The methodology

Throughout the Red Teaming Test, F-Secure's security professionals acting as real-life attackers use the following non-exhaustive list of attack methods to achieve the predefined objectives:

  • Simulation of phishing and social engineering attacks to obtain information, access, or credentials
  • Collection of open source information from websites and social media
  • Leveraging of internet-exposed services, such as websites and VPN solutions
  • Telephone system mapping
  • Attempts to physically access the premises
  • Network based intrusion, exploitation and post-exploitation techniques
  • Data exfiltration techniques
  • Bypassing and manipulation of lock and access control systems


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